Exceed Expectations, Your Break From Average



Denis Baker, CSP, President of ASSE’s Oklahoma City Chapter and Vice President, Region III, spoke at the recent ASSE Leadership Conference and delivered the presentation, “Exceeding Expectations, Your Break from Average.” In a recent blog post, Baker shared nine personal insights about expectations as well as 10 thoughts, tips and actions to help individuals exceed expectations. A few are listed below. Be sure to visit Baker’s blog for an in-depth list.

Personal insights about expectations:

·      Consistently strive to exceed expectations and impress every time

·      Excuses deteriorate respect and stop you in your tracks

·      Learn to focus and learn what it takes to stay focused even when there are distractions.

·      Exceed expectations where you know you are good.

Thoughts, tips and actions that will help exceed expectations:

·      Integrity begins with you

·      Refuse to live off the past

·      Don’t use your relationships to cover your failures or shortcomings

·      Ask for feedback, all the time and after every activity.

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Source: ASSE